Berlin -Spring 2019

Hello Berlin!

So my gorgeous other half and I decided to pop over the water to the beautiful city of Berlin and do a bit of exploring. It is always nice to get away from life for a while and of course my camera is never to far from my hand. Rain or shine!

I thoroughly enjoy partaking in a bit of candid lifestyle photography and where better to achieve this than at one of Europe’s most infamous landmarks, - the Berlin wall at #EastSideGallery . People just being people create some of the most magical portraits. The thoughts they are having….the un-posed effort that catches the eye….the person with something different, - that’s what creates photographs that I want to capture., whether it is young social media fame seekers trying to achieve that perfect pose, or that local musician who pours out his heart and soul through music, - each one creates a different story.

In my opinion travel photography sparks a photographers love and re-energizes that love that once got you into the art of photography. You are constantly looking for your next photographic project, - it makes you revisit what makes you love photographing people. - Portraiture!

Check out Facebook/Instagram linked above for the full gallery!

My Top Berlin Visits

Best Eatery: Speisehaus - Genuine German Food with an authentic atmosphere and reasonably priced for a great feed!!

Best Attraction: East Side Gallery! I am all about the culture…and off the beaten track if i am totally honest!!

Best Find: Sunday Flea Market over on Eastside!