Ever wished you got that perfect shot and didn't?

📸 The Summer is starting to actually act like Summer and we are bursting with deals!! 
📸 Have you ever got all dolled up for that wedding... family event.. birthday... or even racing?? - I hear they are just around the corner!
📸 Have you ever thought... ah sure we will get a nice picture later... and you never did?? 
📸 Why not call into SMK studios on the morning of your event for a professional studio shoot and have that perfect photograph for the wall or your social media profile !! 
📸 It only takes 20 minutes and a glass of Prosecco will have your name on it! Fast turnaround time and a free mounted 5x7 image will be waiting for you on your return!!

♥️Get in contact today to discuss more or book your studio appointment today!!! 

Sarah-Michelle Kilduff